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Gail Jeidy made her living as a professional writer for over 20 years, crafting ads, brochures and scripts to promote selfless corporations, amazing products and incredible services. Three years ago, her work became less about fulfilling client needs and more about fulfilling her own.

Gail began her fornal education in a one-room schoolhouse in Wisconsin, went on to earn her BS in Art and Speech at the University of Wisconsin and did graduate work in Communication Arts, also at UW. Her early work life taught her how to pick string beans, sling hash, frame pictures, design department store displays, teach kids’ art, produce TV promotions and write for film producer Stanley Kramer. Her personal life taught her how to endure three brothers, fall in love, marry, divorce, single parent, remarry her childhood sweetheart, redefine bliss, and parent once again.

Gail painted a mural on her dad’s barn when she was 21. Her son taught her to appreciate Hip Hop last year, and she plans to do yoga, tomorrow.

Gail and her family live in Portland, Ore.

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