Ron Jeidy
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napkin face

clay face rough face face done mask of face
In the beginning, a coffee spill inspires a clay model to become a face forged with a plasma torch and welder. A ball peen hammer
gets in the act.


three masks

first man and woman the first man rockhead pa two rockheads
The story continues. Adam meets Eve GenX'r, lives on top of parent's piano Inspiration for
Pa rockhead
Ma and Pa Rockhead having conversation

first rose

birdhouses 80 lb Bob baby rockhead mask
1st rose Jailbird houses 80 lb Bob
on a stroll
Baby rockhead Tall,thin man with coppery skin
exist washer man caged rose friends


human nature

mig typewriter Man who loves washers Caged rose Who's going to feed
the cat?

Political bashing
takes a hit

nose people copper head crow oak crow crowman
Nosey people
after church
Copper head Summer Crow End of autumn

Crow man
standing in rain

shopping cart daisies crying man Eagle tracker edmond El chicko
Sketch for 'Lost in the Woods'

Lost in the Woods

Man who tracks
eagle hunter
Edmond being Edmond El chicko
firebird headache henri irises line man
Fire bird lit up Might be a headache Henri the painter Shopping cart irises Five o'clock shadow
the steamer lucky man ma an pa mattie's rose 7 man lineup
Steaming after a dunk Me so lucky Ma and Pa Rockhead with junior Mattie's senior rose Ready to rumble
messhead self portrait nose people peaceful phil
Messhead Self portrait on a cold, gray morning Ma talks to daughter who doesn't listen Day off work Phil



beat up rockhead party rose in basket
Chopper at the gate Raccoon trap Ragged Leaf
that no one wants
Rockhead convention

Rose rooted in pebbles


shopping cart flowers rustic lilies scotty SnoValley Gallery shopping cart daisies

Shopping cart flowers

Rustic lilies Scotty SnoValley Gallery Shopping cart daisies
helper sleepers zen leaf the planter The Thinker
Clay face for poser

Poker face posers
1 and 2

Zen leaf The Planter Why do I do what I do?
resting curb horses slugger Stanley livingston
A mind at rest
stays at rest
Curb horses Rock batter is out
of rocks
Stanley Livingston
sunflower thistle man thistle people threesome at shop twisted
Sunflower with social climber on back Thistle man
in Spring
Back to back or
belly to belly
Threesome at the shop Twisted pair of
who knows what
twisted crow debaters wired man wisteria guardian yoga cat
I need a drink Head butters The coffee is too strong Guardian at the gate Yoga Cat
takes a stand
arm drag helper arm drag skaters zen leaf

Skaters greet
in living room

The Helper feels
like Humpty Dumpty

Arm drag to a
bear hug

Solo on a ball hitch
Zen leaf
alone light touch sawtime    


12 lb. touch Seasonal saw    

20 lb leaf

back of 20 lb leaf

big leaf maple front

big leaf maple back

squirrel and cat 1980

sycamore racoon  
Leaf that lasts
Leaf that lasts
100 years
Stone squirrel meets sycamore cat in 1980 Wood chisel meets sycamore log in 1980  
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